Captcha to be changed

Posted by thanh

Captcha to be changed

Dear support,

We have received complaints from some users that the Captcha used to login to Blizz is a pain : pictures are blurred and dark, cropped pictures and the user does not know which square to select.

Can you suggest you to implement another Captcha ?

Or best, what do you think about the invisible Captcha from Google :

Thanks for your feedback !


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Posted by Rob_Robertson

Re: Captcha to be changed

Captcha has many problems.  In the challenge I just faced, it wanted me to identify all squares with cars.  The gridding hid some car images.  I had to go three tests until I had one that the gridding properly matched the challenge.  I have been human for 63 years, so I am definately not a robot.

I find their challenges would be done better by image recognition software than a human.